Thank you for making the 2013 auction a success!

With your support, we raised more than $140,000 for parenting education and child abuse prevention programs that build strong families.

Please join us again next year for another exciting auction, and thank you for your generosity! 

So that all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents

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Special Thanks to Our Dedicated Volunteers


Chris & Paula Kongsore


Sheri Greatwood
Wendy Jett
Pam Barkovic
Julie Chown
Debbie Cox
Rebekah Marsh
Pam Palmer
Kelly Steele
Jan Swanson
Rachell Mortimer
Rachelle Villano
Brenda Keuhn
Connie Wonham
Cheryl Busch
Michelle Smith
Summer Young Jelinek
Wade Young Jelinek


Acacia Minard
Alan Hernried
Alex Cordier
Alisha Hittle
Amy Schnoor
Andrew Wallstrom
Anita Huffman
Annette  Willsey
Arturo Zavala
Becca Schulze
Betsy LaCroix
Bil  Morrill
Billy Browowske
Breanna Larson
Bruce Reinmuth
Cheryl Busch
Claire  Davis
Coleen Alexander
Connie Rose
Courteney  Harbour
Delaney Myers
Dianne Reinmuth
Ellen Chase
Emily Ruiz
Emma  LeFinson
Erin  Gerg
Erin Driscoll
Fabiola Leon Ortiz
Giovanni Monaco
Hamilton Mays
Hunter Heck
Isabel Rose
Jackie Tyson
James Holechek
James Neville
Jay  Hash
Jenni Van Wyk
Jennifer Joslin
Jerry Gleason
Jill Higuera
Joan  Barton


Joan  Lambe
Joel  Zetlmaier
John  Polese
Kara  Clevinger
Karen  Vanduyn
Karon  Baugh
Katie Shaw
Katie Thomas
Kayla Murkin
Kim  O'Brien
Kody Jaffarian
Kori Murphy
Laura Robinson
Leah Heng
Leslie  Finlay
Lian Bossert
Linda Kostur
Lori Manson
Mar Prutton
Maria Westerhoff
Marilyn Milne
Matthew  Steiger
Megan Coble
Mika Singer
Minalee Saks
Myron Pilon
Nakkia Stenburg
Nicole  Watuse
Pam Crown
Shasta McLester
Sherrie  Lyons
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Sigma Pi-Iota Epsilon Fraternity
Siri Alexander
Steve  Rose
Susanna Meyer
Sylvia Lee
Tami Hill
Tanner  Baldwin
Terrie Minner
Tom  Wilson

Wade Young-Jelinek

Midnight in Paris

Thank You for Your Support!

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